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    Dear Eyal

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    Reduce High FSH levels & improve egg quality
    [Women's FSH Support - KTPWF]  Price:$280 
    Product Details

    Egg Quality Improving and High FSH Reducing Herbal Support (Women's FSH Support) is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help improving egg quality in women of all ages including women over 40 with a regular monthly period.


    The treatment increases the blood supply around the ovary, warming it so it can produce fully ripened quality eggs.


    After two months of using this formula the FSH level tested in the blood on day three of the menstrual cycle was found to be reduced in hundreds of cases.


    The treatment by this herbal support is commended to increase the egg quality for naturally getting pregnant, or while going through IUI or IVF treatment. If you were diagnosed as a low responder to hormone therapy, while you still have a regular monthly period, then we suggest you to take the Egg Quality Improving Herbal Support for a period of two months and then recheck your FSH level.


    This Egg Quality Improving and High FSH Reducing Herbal Support formula works in much the same way as DHEA supplementation recently introduced to improve egg quality in older women, but the success rates using Chinese formulas have outstripped those obtained by using the DHEA supplement.


    For women undergoing IVF, we recommend using the Reduce High FSH levels and Egg Quality improving Herbal Support for two months in conjunction with the hormone therapy throughout the entire IVF process.

    Product Dosage

    Your FSH HS contains 3 bottles, for 8 weeks of treatment. 


    Shelf life & temperature for storing :

    The extract powders or capsules should always be stored in a cool dry area as the extract powders may become sticky. Shelf life is usually about 2-3 years  but  should be consumed as soon as possible when treatment starts.


    Capsules dosage:

    On the first day of your period start the FSH HS as follows: Take 4 tablets twice a day on empty stomach, do not eat for at least 1/2 an hour. You can also take the capsules two hours after a meal.
    You may test the FSH level each month on the 3rd day of your period.

    * With natural IVF cycles or with natural conception start the FSH/Egg Quality HS on the first day of your menstrual cycle.

    We recommend taking the formula for a minimum period of two months.
    Once improvement in FSH level has been achieved, you should continue to take it as long as you are trying to conceive, to maintain the highest egg quality and to keep the FSH level normal.


    The use of this herbal support has no side effects:

    If you do experience any new symptom, we recommend stopping the herbs for 3 days and then continuing as before. If the symptom will arise again, stop the herbs and contact us. In most cases a change in the dosage is required.  We will mail you back with Mr. Eyal Politi's recommendation of the new dosage.

    * For women undergoing IVF, we recommend using the FSH/Egg Quality Herbal Support for two months and then continuing the treatment with the Embryo Implantation Herbal Support in conjunction with the hormone therapy throughout the entire IVF process.


    Egg Quality Improving and High FSH Reducing Herbal Support formula is made of premium Chinese Medicinal Herbs and contains:


    Rehmania glutinosa root prep, Cornus officinalis fruit, Dioscorea opposite rhizome, Alisma orientalis rhizome, Paeonia suffruticosa root bark, Poria cocos fungus, Acconitum carmichaeli root prep and Cinnamomum cassia bark.

    More info

    "I was shocked when my doctor told me that my FSH levels are high alongside with poor quality eggs, and that I don't have many options to get pregnant..."


    It has been proven effective in many women who had egg-quality disorder. In hundreds of cases, blood tests have shown reduced FSH levels on day 3 of the menstrual cycle after two months of using this formula. In IVF cycles, laboratory analysis showed marked improvement in the quality of the eggs following the treatment (it should be noted that conventional medicine currently offers no comparable method for improving egg quality).

    This herbal support therapy is recommended for enhancing egg quality for natural impregnation, or while undergoing IUI or IVF treatment. We recommend taking the formula for a minimum period of two months, but you can continue to take it as long as you are trying to conceive, to maintain the highest egg quality once improvement has been achieved.


    Egg Quality

    One of the major factors in the successful development of embryos is the initial quality of the eggs. In general, egg quality tends to decline slowly in the late thirties, and more significantly in the early forties. Sometimes, however, the problem of egg quality can also appear in young women. In some cases of IVF treatment, the eggs are damaged by the hormone treatment itself, which prevents their full ripening even though the follicles have reached the right size (in such cases, we recommend that you ask the physician to change the protocol or try a natural IVF cycle based on your own natural ovulation).

    This lack of ripening is due to coldness in the ovaries that is caused by the fluids produced by the injected follicle stimulating hormones. Just as a cake will not bake in a cold oven, an egg will not ripen in a cold ovary.

    If you have been diagnosed as a poor responder to hormone therapy and you still have a regular monthly period, we suggest you to take Herbal Support for Egg Quality Improvement for two months and then recheck your FSH level.

    Once it has gone down, you can try to conceive naturally; or with a low dose of hormones (to prevent the FSH from rising again); or by means of IVF using your own natural ovulation. This treatment is also suggested if the doctor suggests an egg donation when your monthly period is still regular, since the Herbal Support formula can improve your egg quality, enabling you to get pregnant from your own egg. In most cases, the use of Herbal Support for Egg Quality Improvement is recommended for women who have a regular monthly period. The treatment is not suitable for women who already have symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. For women undergoing IVF, we recommend using the Herbal Support for two months and then continuing the treatment in conjunction with the hormone therapy throughout the entire IVF process, until the pregnancy blood test that is performed two weeks after the embryo transfer. If the blood test is positive, you should continue the formula until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, as this treatment also contributes to proper development of the embryo in its first weeks (if the result is negative, you should stop taking the formula until you get your next period and then start again at the end of the bleeding).

    What is FSH?

    The follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates egg production in the ovary, which is needed in order to ovulate. As the follicle grows, it releases inhibin, which halts the production of FSH. High FSH levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone on day 3 of the menstrual cycle indicate problems with egg quality or egg production due to weak ovarian function (this factor of fertility is measured by means of a blood test on day 3 of your menstrual cycle). While an abnormal result (high baseline FSH) tends to be highly predictive of poor egg quality, a normal result does not necessarily mean that the egg quality is good. A significant number of women with normal baseline FSH values have poor egg quality that is not reflected in their FSH values. Therefore we recommend the use of Herbal Support for all women over 35 years of age.

    FSH is the same hormone that is contained in the injectable gonadotropins, such as Pergonal, Menopur, Gonal-F and Follistim. It is commonly used in infertility therapy to stimulate follicular development in order to produce multiple eggs, most notably in IVF therapy, as well as with inter-uterine insemination (IUI). This is why we strongly recommend that women with high FSH refrain from hormone therapy as long as their FSH is high, since these hormones further elevate FSH levels, thus reducing ovarian function.

    Sperm Quality and Embryo Implantation :

    Over 60% of the women going through IVF treatments are due to poor sperm quality.
    In most cases the use of ICSI is the solution to overcome the sperm problem and to help create the formation of embryos.
    New laboratory research has shown that the quality of sperm morphology has an important role in creating good quality embryos, and in achieving higher pregnancy rates.
    If you are also having IVF due to poor sperm quality, we recommend your husband to take our Improve Sperm herbal support for two months before the IVF treatment in order to improve the sperm quality.
    This will help to create better quality embryos and to increase chance of pregnancy

    Product Reviews: 8

    Product Reviews

    Kayla Mortimer 5 of 5 Stars!
    I'm 41 years old and at the age of 39 I got married and wanted to have a baby with my husband. I have three children prior to my marriage and had my tubes tied and burned, so you can image how hard this would be. I then started investigating ivf clinics and started checking my FSH. The first one came back at 21 and the clinic told me that I would not be a candidate for their clinic. I went to another doctor who told me and my husband that with a high FSH we should consider adoption. So, he advised me to take the "cocktail" CoQ 10, DHEA and L Arginine, so I did. My FSH went down to 15. Last month August I started ivf and it was cancelled due to not responding. My doctor told me she didn't understand and that my new FSH was 40. So three weeks ago I came across this sight and ordered Women's FSH Support. But it said that I should wait until my period to start. But, I didn't wait I started taking two a day. Last week Friday I went in on my 3 day period and did a FSH and today they told me my FSH was 4.4...,,,,,, I wanted to jump on my desk. Thank you, thank you, your product I am sure made the difference.

    Yuliya Grabo 5 of 5 Stars!
    My FSH was 68/ 48/ and 28.9 before i try your CIFSH I missed one period, as I always do, and when I went to do my blood test I was ready for the high number, but my FSH first time ever in my life was 8.5!!! Than you so much!

    Sarah Liberman 5 of 5 Stars!
    'Politi's powder' worked twice for me! After the first support treatment with Chinese Medicinal Herbs, 4 embryos implanted after years of trying with no success. I never had frozen embryos of such quality.

    Angela Wheeler 5 of 5 Stars!
    Hello Herbal Support Team, I had a FSH test in September 2009 which came in at 22.5, as you can imagine I was heartbroken, I was told by doctors my only way forward was donor egg but I bought your high FSH tablets and last week got a reading of 12.8 I am completely delighted and now have a chance at ivf. I have just order my new batch of tablets. many thanks Angela Wheeler

    Sharon and Albert 5 of 5 Stars!
    Dear Rabbi Eyal, My husband and I came to see you just over a month ago, do you remember? You have told me not to take more than 75mm of Gonal . We took your formula and yesterday was the happiest day of our life- I am pregnant . I want to thank god for sending you to help us, Do I need to continue taking the formula? we will be very happy with a quick answer. With appreciation, Thanks.

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