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Why we are different

1. Our IVF Focused Solution

Our clinical trials and experience over the past 30 years were dedicated and focused on increasing IVF implantation rate. Other similar clinics may offer treatment and support for a better balanced body in order to enhance fertility. We have helped women who have gone through IVF and repeatedly say: "My IVF treatment is OK, I had good quality eggs, my embryos were type A or B, but – there was no implantation!" This is what we have focused on when creating our IVF Herbal Support - "A formula focused on increasing rate of implantation!"

2. Our Formula

We have arrived at our optimized formula through years of working in cooperation with numerous IVF laboratories using the highest standards. We have studied the effects of various herbs on the body's temperature, the uterus, ovarian function and the production of eggs. We developed our formula to effectively utilize specific herbs in conjunction with hormones taken during IVF treatment in order to produce the best possible results and ultimately increase rate of embryo implantation.

3. Our Expertise

Based on our clinic's experience with thousands of couples going through infertility treatments, we have mastered the art of combining herbs that purposely help increase the rate of implantation while allowing the hormones to do their intended work in production of eggs.

4. Our Quality Herbs

We use the highest quality herbs to ensure the best possible results. All our herbs are manufactured by one of the most established and respected manufacturers of concentrated Chinese herbs and are produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations in by KPC Inc. KPC's modern scientific processing methods and rigorous quality control set them apart from other sources of Chinese herbs.KPC distributes exceptionally high quality traditional Chinese herbs and herbal products. Their many  years of experience, the combined strengths of their joint-venture herb processing facility and their exclusive partnerships with some of the best GMP factories in allow us to provide you with superior unsulfured, preservative-free Chinese herbs.

5. Our Roots

Our knowledge is tested daily by Western standards, yet the roots of our formula begin far away in the Vietnamese herbal tradition that was passed from father to son for generations in the Zen monastic tradition. We, therefore, combine the ancient wisdom of the East with modern technology of the West.