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Why we are different


100% Natural

We constantly strive to provide you with only 100% natural products.


Contains no Artificial dyes

We develop and manufacture our products based on years of experience.


No Side Effects

We avoid the use of byproducts of the petroleum industry, preservatives, aluminum, alcohol, animal fat and more.


100% transparency

You may now find the full ingredients list for all the products on our site and make your right decision.


What we do

Our IVF Herbal Support Supplements are designed to aid and enhance pregnancy chances, whether you're trying for a natural pregnancy or need the assistance of the medical world such as IVF procedure.

We are using the best quality ingredients to ensure best results. Our formulas are designed to support conception by lowering FSH levels while improving the egg quality ,supporting Embryo implantation, increasing sperm motility and quality alongside to improving the reproductive system as a whole, our clinical experience is covering over two decades of practice in helping thousands of couples with infertility problems.

Our formulas manufacturing is certified by China Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These certifications are for the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade products to make certain our products are safe and effective. All of our products ingredients were analyzed and certified (COA).

We wish you a healthy and safe pregnancy.

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Our Products

  • Reduce High FSH levels & improve egg quality
    Reduce High FSH levels & improve egg quality

    Reduce High FSH levels and improve your egg quality Herbal Support (Women's FSH Support) is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help lowering high FSH levels and improving egg quality in women of all ages including women over 40 with a regular monthly period.The treatment increases the .... Read More

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  • IVF Embryo Implantation Herbal Support
    IVF Embryo Implantation Herbal Support

    Embryo Implantation Herbal Support (Prenatal Herbal Support) is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help increasing chance of implantation, relieving stress and preventing weight gain.The use of Embryo Implantation HS (Prenatal), when taken in conjunction with the IVF hormone treatment .... Read More

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  • Natural Fertility Herbal Support
    Natural Fertility Herbal Support

    Natural Fertility Herbal Support (Parents' Herbal Support) is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help increasing chance of implantation and relieving stress.The use of Natural Fertility HS, helps to increase the body's temperature by regulating its normal blood supply. Specific herbs .... Read More

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  • IUI Herbal Support
    IUI Herbal Support

    IUI Herbal Support (First Step) is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help increasing chance of implantation, relieving stress and preventing weight gain. The use of IUI HS, when taken in conjunction with the hormone treatment such as Pergonal, Menopur, Gonal-F and Follistimm helps to .... Read More

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  • Egg Donation Herbal Support
    Egg Donation Herbal Support

    Egg Donation Embryo Implantation Herbal Support (Optimal Uterine Support) is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help increasing chance of implantation, and relieving stress. The use of Egg Donation Embryo Implantation HS, when taken in conjunction with the IVF treatment helps to incre .... Read More

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  • Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support
    Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support

    Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support (Men's Herbal Support)  is the most adavnced and effective formula available. It is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help increasing sperm motility quality and quantity by cooling the heat in the blood vessels of the testicles, and relieving s .... Read More

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Why Choose Us

  • Have you undergone two or three IVF cycles without success?
  • Are you about to begin IVF treament?
  • Have you been diagnosed with "Unexplained Infertility?"
  • Is your uterine lining too thin?
  • Are you using a donor's embryo?
  • Are you about to begin IUI treatment?
  • Do you need to improve your sperm count and quality?
  • Are your FSH Levels too high to undergo an IVF treatment?

If you have answered “Yes” To any of these questions

You are a perfect condidate for IVF Herbal Support Treatment


Frequently asked Questions

High FSH levels - is there any treatment available?

If your period is regular then you can take the Reduce High FSH Herbal Support formula.
In conventional medicine there is no solution for high fsh condition but I have been treating patients for the last 27 yrs with great success in reducing FSH levels. EyalPoliti.

Is it possible to combine the natural therapy with hormone therapy or do they contradict one another?

It is definitely possible to combine the two types of therapy. The natural therapy supplements the hormone therapy and helps achieve better results.

Should a woman inform her physician that she is using the herbal support treatment?

You may do so, but it is not necessary. Most physicians do not object to the herbal support treatment, but not all encourage it, due to their lack of understanding of natural therapy.

Is Sperm quality important for conception success, and are there ways to improve sperm quality?

Most male problems are not amenable to treatment for improving sperm count as doctors say, and will require some form of assisted conception in cases of failure to achieve pregnancy naturally.
However, if male infertility is suspected to be a cause of non-pregnancy, then using natural herbal treatment may improve chances for natural conception and hopefully avoid the need for assisted reproduction methods such as IUI or IVF or to be used alongside with IUI or IVF.

Can I consult a specialist on your site for the IVF or natural conceiving herbal support treatment?

Yes ,your question will be answered by Mr. Politi Lic.Ac. Dip. CHM graduated from The College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in 1990 and received a License in Acupuncture (Lic. Ac.). He graduated from the London College of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in 1991 and received a Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine (Dip. CHM). Eyal is a member of the Traditional Acupuncture Society since 1990 and as such is fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. During his 27 years of practice as a practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Eyal has specialized in the complex issue of Infertility. He has seen and treated thousands of women in his clinic.

Our Customers Testimonials

Please read the reviews and comments from our satisfied customers

  • «"We were treated by Eyal Politi – maybe you've heard of him? For more than 3 years, an embryo never implanted and the last time 4 out of 4 that were implanted successfully. I tend to think that the implantation were the result of his work…"»

    By: Dinna H. Support treatment for IVF

  • «"We were in treatments for more than 3 years including more than 2 years in IVF, regular and frozen cycles and everything else and nothing helped. The embryos wouldn't implant for reasons that were unclear. We were recommended by friends who have the most beautiful set of twin girls from embryos implanted after Dr. Politi's treatment. In that same cycle, my last one, with the support of the medic

    By: Shona My IVF support experience

  • «Two years ago my husband and I came to see you after few unsuccessful treatments.On the 8th treatment after using your formulas we had finally got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.We would like to try again just with your treatment and not with IVF -what should we do-thank you for your reply. S.»

    By: S.R Hi Mr. Politi

  • «Dear Eyal. Our daughter was born 10 months ago thanks to your formulas and the help of professor Zeidman. I am sorry I have not written before as time fly's by so quickly. After using your formula for 3 months I got pregnant and it all went well with the pregnancy. It was a remarkable experience for me especially our first encounter with my daughter which we have named Talia and since then we

    By: Ilanit Dear Eyal

  • «I have used your IVF Embryo Implantation Herbal Support I am 6 weeks pregnant. HCG levels are doubling as normal. Everything going well so far. Thank you very much. Gina.»

    By: Gina P of New Zealand Embryo Implntation HS

  • «I am very glad I found your website. We have been trying to have a family for 8 years now. Initially I had no problems becoming pregnant but I miscarried every pregnancy. After the second miscarriage my ob/gyn ran tests and said there was nothing wrong. It took longer to get pregnant the next time and I lost it right away. I was sent for IVF - while waiting I got pregnant several more times and l

    By: D.M. of Canada Testimonial

  • «"…The only thing that helped me was Chinese Medicinal Herbs that warmed up the area (uterus) again and thickened the lining somewhat. The treatment was given by a fellow name Eyal Politi and you can find him on the Internet in a search for 'Alternative Medicine + Fertility'. (He's an amazing person and warmly recommended). Anyway, it's not an exact science and it's impossible to know what helped

    By: Hellen S. Week 18 with a thin uterine lining (endometrium)

  • «" I would like to tell you that exactly after 3 months of using the herbal powder that compounded for my husband, we got pregnant!!!!!! Indeed in the last mail that I sent you my husbands' morphology descended but a month later I got pregnant with my last period on May 22. Now I am in the 13th week of natural pregnancy!! … and the big miracle was that were already at the start of an IVF process a

    By: Hinna Eyal hello

  • «Last year we visited Eyal's clinic for consultation " A young couple with unexplained infertility. We were then after two fertilization treatments, one treatment with unfertilized eggs and another treatment with one low grade quality fertilized egg. We have met you in a very downhearted state. You took a glance in our data, calmed us, and offered us herbal plants and also changed our hormone do

    By: Herman Last year we visited Eyal's clinic

  • «Firstly,we would like to bless you and your family for what you have done for us. We came to see you on 12/31/2006 with infertility problems and you gave us your formula to support our IVF procedure. We had 18 embryos with one successful pregnancy that gave us our baby girl. We are trying again and would like to ask which formulas do we need to use , or can we use the same formula that we had

    By: R.Z Dear Eyal Politi

  • During my last cycle of IVF I took your Lower FSH and also implantation formula. I got pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby girl when I was 41. I now wish for another baby. I am 33 days late I've never missed a period before but I'm now 43yrs. I've taken a pregnancy test and it says negative. Maybe I've tested too early - not sure. My last FSH was tested at 41 and was 10.2 using ur products. If

    By: Lorraine of USA Dear IVF HS,

  • «I bought "IVH Herbal Support" before my first IVF attempt back in Oct 09. However, I chickened out of using it as when I asked the nurses they said you should take nothing except Folic acid when your pregnant. After two embryos were transferred I took an early pregnancy test (I couldn't wait...) and it was positive....however I started to bleed that evening & subsequently lost them. On my second

    By: K IVF Herbal Support

  • «We spent 10 years trying to conceive number 2 and were on our 6th IVF attempt. Decided to try Herbal Support this time and ended up with the best quality eggs/embyros we've ever had and now I'm 10 weeks pregnant! I would definitely recommend it.»

    By: Kelly Gillespie Ms

  • «My 2nd day FSH in May was 17.2. Once I received the FSH herbs I started taking them June-July. End of June prior to the start of my IVF cycle my 2nd day FSH was 14.9 still. Unfortunately the IVF was unsuccessful but I continued with the FSH and prenatal pills and in August my 3rd day FSH was only 10.3. I'm very happy about this result, thank you! I'm currently waiting for my next cycle of IVF due

    By: Kinga T. My FSH Reduced


    By: Elena Dear EYAL

  • «Dear IVF HS Team, I just want to share good news to you. I don’t know if the supplement that I took help me in my pregnancy but I have been using it and got pregnant thereafter. I have a healthy baby of 6 ½ months. I definitely recommend it to others. It was a miracle. I have been trying everything possible. The products are expensive but the end result has no price. I would like to thank th

    By: Lukkhoo Sunita Good News

  • «Greetings Eyal, we came to you for consultation on March 2008 after 18 failed IVF cycles. You have suggested us to go for natural IVF Cycle with professor Zeidman and gave us your formula for reducing FSH levels and improving Egg quality. We have used the formula from April -August 2008.On January 2009 our treatment was finally successful thanks to you and we gave birth to a healthy boy who i

    By: T.S Greetings Eyal

  • «Thank you IVF Herbs for helping this little guy grow healthy in my womb!!! Your herbs helped my dream come true!»

    By: Paige Andree Mountford- Johnston of USA Thank You IVFHS

  • «Hi Eyal I wanted to send you this testimonial. My husband and I have been on ivf for 4 years after countless failed cycles and 8 miscarriages we were beginning to lose hope. I came across your website and with much skepticism but nothing to loose I ordered your Ivf implantation support. After taking it for 6 months we have just confirmed a pregnancy and had our first scan that shows a strong hea

    By: Selena of Australia Hi Eyal

  • «After the first support treatment with Chinese Medicinal Herbs, 4 embryos implanted after years of trying with no success. I never had frozen embryos of such quality. I told my doctor about the herbal treatment and she didn't make a big deal of it ("Maybe it really does help, why not?"). You can continue without worry and good luck!»

    By: Mira M. of USA 'Politi's powder' worked twice for me!