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Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support PRODUCT ID: Men's Herbal Support - KTPMN

Your Improving Sperm Quality set contains 100 x 500 mg capsules in 6 bottles, for 8 weeks of treatment.

$305 for a full treatment

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Product Details

Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support (Men's Herbal Support)  is the most adavnced and effective formula available. It is comprised of a balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities that help increasing sperm motility quality and quantity by cooling the heat in the blood vessels of the testicles, and relieving stress. This custom formula is manufactured in modern scientific processing methods and standards of rigorous quality control that set them apart from all other sources of Chinese herbs. Labeling takes place under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

More info

I had the worst feeling when my doctor told me: "I have diagnosed a male infertility problem while analyzing your semen"… at that moment I felt as if I am not a man anymore… especially when he said "we have no treatment to directly improve your sperm quality"...

Most male problems are not amenable to treatment for improving sperm count, and will require some form of assisted conception in cases of failure to achieve pregnancy.
However, if male infertility is suspected to be a cause of non pregnancy, then using natural herbal treatment may improve chances for natural conception and hopefully avoid the need for assisted reproduction methods such as IUI or IVF or to be used alongside with IUI or IVF.

Improving Sperm Quality HS:

The main causes of low quality sperm are due to excess heat in the testicles, or malformation (from a young age) of the testicular tissue. The herbal support for men cools the testicles and can therefore improve sperm quality and increase sperm production. This treatment has been proven to be effective in hundreds of sperm tests taken after treatment.

With the IUI or IVF Herbal Support treatment and Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support, many previously childless couples have become happy and fulfilled parents. We hope it will work for you, too.

Capsules dosage:

Take 5 capsules twice a day on empty stomach, do not eat for at least 1/2 an hour. You can also take the capsules two hours after a meal.

You may have a sperm test after the first two months of treatment. If you already see improvement in the sperm test, we recommend taking the Improving Sperm Quality HS for another two months to continue the improvement . If no improvement is seen in the sperm test we also recommend continuing the Improving Sperm Quality HS for another two months as some cases takes longer to improve.

The use of this herbal support has no side effects:

If you do experience any new symptom, we recommend stopping the herbs for 3 days and then continuing as before. If the symptom will arise again, stop the herbs and contact us. In most cases a change in the dosage is required.  We will mail you back with Mr. Eyal Politi's recommendation of the new dosage.


Improving Sperm Quality Herbal Support formula is made of premium Chinese Medicinal Herbs and contains:

Rehmanniae SHEN DI HUANG
Polyqonum HE SHOU WU
Epimmedium YIN YANG HUO
Astraqalus Seed SHA YUAN ZI
Moutan MU DAN PI
Plantago Seed CHE QIAN ZI
Tokoro BEI XIE
Achyranthes HUAI NIU XI
Licorice GAN CAO


Shelf life & temperature for storing :

The capsules should always be stored in a cool dry area. Shelf life is usually about 2-3 years  but  should be consumed as soon as possible when treatment starts.

1 reviews

Dearest Eyal. We came to see you 6 years a go with a very bad sperm problem and you gave us your formula. In April 2005 our first baby girl was born and on November 2006 our boy was born after one cycle of treatment thanks to your formula. We would like to express our deepest thanks.



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