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Clinical experience

This clinical experience document is covering every aspect on our IVF Herbal Support formulas and summarizing our experience in helping to achieve pregnancy. Our goal is to enhance the best medical treatments available with solid herbal support to increase the chances of conceiving a child. Our products were found to be safe, natural and effective, and its effectiveness was proven on thousands of patients treated at Mr. Politi's clinic.
Eyal Politi has been practicing proven Chinese Herbal Medicine with a strong focus on male and female fertility for over 30 years. Educated in England, Mr. Politi spent 5 years studying at the College of Traditional Acupuncture and at the London College of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and then taught at several natural medicine schools at Medisin and to medical doctors at the Bar Ilan University, Israel. Eyal has been a member of the Traditional Acupuncture Society since 1990.
Mr. Politi concentrates on a whole health approach to fertility. He does not condone abandoning modern medical procedures; instead, he has developed herbal support systems that work alongside conventional treatments to increase female fertility, sperm motility, egg quality and implantation success.
Eyal has had success where others have failed with couples who face multiple fertility challenges, those who have already experienced several failed IVF cycles, and women over forty. When his assisted herbal medicine systems are used in IVF cases, the chances of a successful pregnancy increased from 15-20% to 35%. Mr. Politi helps couples around the world, and in his private clinic he has treated over 7,000 couples and already seen 1,500 babies born.
Mr. Politi’s specially formulated supplements draw on ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine. Techniques originally used for anti-aging have proven helpful for improving egg quality and reducing high FSH levels. This Egg Quality Improving and High FSH Reducing Herbal Support formula works in much the same way as DHEA supplementation recently introduced to improve egg quality in older women, but the success rates using Chinese formulas have outstripped those obtained by using the DHEA supplement.
The treatment for women with high FSH levels using Egg Quality Improving and High FSH Reducing Herbal Support was found to increase the blood supply around the ovary, warming it so it can produce fully ripened quality eggs. After two months of using this formula, the FSH level tested in the blood on day three of the menstrual cycle was found to be reduced in hundreds of cases. The treatment by this herbal support is commended to additionally increase the egg quality for woman trying to achieve pregnancy naturally, or while going through IUI or IVF treatment. We have learned that women who were diagnosed as a low responder to hormone therapy, while they still have a regular monthly period we have found by our studies that 50% of this women were treated successfully and their FSH was reduced enabling them to go for IVF.
The IVF Embryo Implantation Herbal Support formula, when taken in conjunction with the IVF hormone treatment such as Pergonal, Menopur, Gonal-F or Follistimm, were found to disperse unwanted accumulated fluids in the uterus. The herbs included in the formula are designed to help warm the blood supply to the uterine walls and lining, increasing blood flow to the uterus and increasing the chances of embryo implantation.
For many couples, the problem with conception is not just a woman’s inability to conceive. Low sperm count or poor quality sperm can make proper fertilization of an egg and development of an embryo almost impossible. Our Sperm HS is designed to help men help their partner conceive by reducing the heat created by the blood vessels in the testicles. The balanced combination of herbs containing medicinal qualities were found by our clinical experience to help improve sperm quality and quantity, reducing  the need to use a sperm donor and increasing the success rate for both IUI and IVF treatment.
Additional products developed and tested are Egg Donation Herbal Support, Natural Fertility Herbal Support and IUI Herbal Support.

Our formulas manufacturing is certified by China Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These certifications are for the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade products to ensure our products are safe and effective. All of our products ingredients were analyzed and certified (COA).