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About IVF Herbal Support

IVF Herbal Support is known for its highly effective Chinese herbal formulas and products that have been resolving pregnancy issues in women for years.

IVF herbal support operates from Irvine California USA, and is an internet based business that is promoting Chinese herbal formulas globally. Our products are developed by Mr. Eyal Politi with the experience of over 30 years in the reproductive area, treating more than 15000 patients with infertility.

Eyal Politi Lic.Ac. Dip. CHM, 50 years old, is a specialist in Chinese Herbal Medicine focusing on fertility for over 30 years since 1985. Eyal Politi is a fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and was educated in England where he spent 5 years of study at The College of Traditional Acupuncture (1989) and at The London College of Chinese Herbal Medicine (1991). Eyal is a member of the Traditional Acupuncture Society since 1990. He also taught in several natural medicine schools in such as Medisin and to medical doctors at the Bar Ilan University . At his clinic, Mr. Politi has been dedicated and focused solely on the treatment of infertility and often successfully combining his unique herbal treatment with conventional medical treatments.

At first, Mr. Politi co-researched with Professor Bartov (Bar Ilan University) the impact of using herbal remedy on male sperm cells morphology using electron microscopy. Research studies showed that even if the sperm has fertilized the egg, it did not complete its role in pregnancy, as the embryo's quality and successful implementation depends both on the egg as well as the sperm quality. Thus he developed an herbal formula aimed at improving male sperm quality alongside with woman undergoing fertility treatments.

Afterwards, Eyal Politi managed a private clinic in Bikur Holim Hospital, and focused on woman undergoing IVF treatments. Mr. Politi has gained extensive experience by treating thousands of couples with infertility and by examining the fertility treatments' side effects.

Eyal has formulated a herbal treatment for improving the success rate of implementation and pregnancy, in an attempt to solve the most common question raised where good quality embryos have been developed and transferred, however implantation has failed.

The treatment developed is aimed at dispersing the unwanted accumulated fluids produced in the lower abdomen by the hormones that often cause coldness in the uterus. Dispersing fluids alongside with warming the blood supply to the uterus walls and specifically to the uterine lining, enhances the chances for pregnancy in IVF treatments by bringing the uterus to its optimum for embryo implantation, similar to natural implementation (without treatments). While pregnancy rates in fertility are around 15-20% per treatment, using assisted herbal medicine improves the chances up to 35%.

In the coming years, Mr. Politi has gained experience in woman at their forties with a decline in fertility. After extensive research in the Chinese literature, Eyal has successfully implemented ancient Chinese formulas used in the past for anti-aging, as a treatment for improving egg quality and reducing high FSH levels. This formula has a similar action to the DHEA supplementation recently used to improve egg quality in older woman, however the success rates using Chinese formulas is considerably higher compared to using the DHEA supplement.

The success rates in reducing high FSH to normal levels below 10 are achieved with 50% of the woman undergoing herbal treatment for a period of two months.

Mr. Politi has gained extensive experience in fertility treatments and is known worldwide as a leader in treating fertility using natural herbs. 15000 couples were treated at his clinic, with 4000 babies born.