High FSH levels-is there any treatment available?

Could you please advise me whether there is any way to reduce the high FSH level. If there is any treatment available?

We are married for almost 4 years and for the last two years we are trying to get a baby. But all our attempts were in vain.The doctor here in UK tested her blood several times and also did her MRI pelvis. After all those tests and X-rays we have been told that my wife is unable to conceive with her own egg as because FSH level is high. The only way we have is to donor egg. We asked the doctor if there is any way to reduce her FSH level and to get her pregnant with her own egg . She replied as far as she concerned there is no medicine to reduce the FSH level. This FSH level is causing immature eggs secretion. In september2008 her FSH level was 18-19. And now it is 24.There is no other problem with my wife at present.She is 33 . She has a normal period cycle.
We are seeking your help ..


This is a case like many others that can very much benefit from the use of our Reduce High FSH which can also improves the eggs quality.
It is true that in conventional medicine there is no treatment for high fsh apart from egg donation but with herbal medicine I have been treating many patients like you over the last 20 yrs with great success and I hope it will work for you too.