My 3rd IVF attempt

I just learned this morning that my 3rd IVF attempt to have a second child (sixth one total) has failed. I am absolutely devastated.

With each cycle, I've managed to produce at least 8 good quality eggs and generally 5-6 of them fertilize. We have transferred one top quality blastocyst/morula each far with no success.

My last embryo transfer took place two weeks ago. I am wondering if you could answer the following questions:

1) We would like to try again immediately -- with the assistance of your Embryo Implantation Support supplement. Do you think that is safe, or would it behoove me to wait a month or two to try again. Will waiting increase my odds of the supplement's success?

You can start immediatly another cycle using the Embryo Implantation Support and it is safe.

3) Is this supplement safe to take with Ca and Mg supplements? I currently take 750mg Ca (bid) and 250mg Mg (bid) and have done so for the past three IVFs with no issues, so now the question is whether I can continue to do so with this supplement on top of things.

Yes, you can continue the other supplaments but it would be good to have an hour between the intakes.

4) What is the goal in improving implantation? That is, does it tonify kidney yin/yang, etc...?

The treatment warms the blood supplying the uterus walls as well as supplying the inner lining with warm blood and oxygen

5) I have been doing acupuncture weekly -- as well as pre- and post- IVF acupuncture treatments throughout all these IVF cycles. Is it OK to continue to do so while taking your supplement?

100% ok

Thanks in advance for your response. I greatly appreciate any input you may have.

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