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Can I consult a specialist on your site for the IVF or natural conceiving herbal support treatment ?
YES soon our forum will be available on line where your question will be answered by Mr. Politi our founder.(or by mail info@ivfherbalsupport.com) Eyal Politi Lic.Ac. Dip. CHM graduated from The Colle...
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Should a woman inform her physician that she is using the herbal support treatment?
You may do so, but it is not necessary. Most physicians do not object to the herbal support treatment, but not all encourage it, due to their lack of understanding of natural therapy.
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What does the therapy actually do?
The herbal support treatment is intended to relax the blood vessels in the uterus and around the ovaries and to enable a good blood supply to the uterine mucous membrane and the ovaries. In addition, ...
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If pregnancy is achieved in the course of therapy, is it all right to continue taking the herbs?
Yes. You should continue taking the herbs until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, as they contribute to proper early fetal development.
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If IVF treatment is not successful, is it worth trying the herbal support treatment in the next IVF cycle?
Yes, definitely. There are many cases in which pregnancy was achieved using herbal support treatment in an additional IVF cycle.
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When should I begin the herbal support treatment?
In most cases, the herbal support treatment begins at the time of the first ovulation-stimulating injection (Menogon, Gonal, Puregon and the like), about two weeks prior to retrieval of the eggs. If t...
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How is the herbal support treatment performed?
The herbal support treatment involves the intake of essences of Chinese medicinal herbs in liquid or capsule form for one or two months, depending on the type of therapy.
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I have an 18 month's old child and I am breastfeeding. I would like to know if I can take your High FSH/Egg Quality Herbal support while I am breastfeeding?!
Yes you could take this herbal support while breastfeeding- And it is 100% safe.
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My 3rd IVF attempt
I just learned this morning that my 3rd IVF attempt to have a second child (sixth one total) has failed. I am absolutely devastated. With each cycle, I've managed to produce at least 8 good quality...
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Do you have any herbal treatment for for POS ?
We do not have treatment for POS. but our Fsh Reducing Herbal Support can effectively be taken together with hormones that stimulate the ovaries.
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Test results
we went to see the Dr few times for investigations this results as follows:(how can you help us? ) My husband: 41 yrs Semen examination Volume - 1.1 mill appearance - off white colour PH ...
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Do you have herbal remedies for fibroid?
We are sorry we do not have.
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I was pregnant once and had a miscarriage at 23 weeks 13 years ago, and never felt pregnant again. Two years ago I went for artificial insemination and got pregnant but miscarried at 2 weeks. Please advice and help
The best product for you is our Egg Quality Improvement Support as it can also helps the proper development of the embryo in its first 3 months along with helping you in getting pregnant.
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well its been almost 3 years that we r trying 4 a baby now. our son is now almost 3 n since then we r trying 4 another one but in vain. need to know how ur procedure can help me in trying to concieve. before my son i had 2 miscarriages ?
Our product "Improve Egg Quality" can help you both in conceiving and after conceiving it can helps the proper development of the embryo in its first 12 weeks.
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I have a problem of not menstruating (very irregular, sometimes over a year, no ovulation taking place. Please assist on a treatment available.
We are sorry but all our treatment can help only while period is regular.
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My husband had a vasectomy 5 y ago,We marraid last year and we want to have children. What is the best to do a reversal? I had a ici inplant 6 months ago and no sucsess.The doctor took some sperm from him under anaesthetic,What to do?
I also think That ICSI is the right solution for you and if you are going to have another cycle I advise you to use our product Embryo Implantation Support as it can increase the chance of your pregna...
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